Working dogs for K9 units

A warm welcome to everyone that is interested in working dogs to my website

We strive to truly fulfill our mission, choosing the best dogs meet the expectations of guides. We see dogs every day with the best breeders in Europe, before it enters the western vendors. X-rayed each dog personally, because our warranty covers more than just a year of the dog

For those who want to see more about how I handle and train my dogs, please be sure to check out the many pictures and videos included on this website

I welcome all people involved in dog training business. If you are looking for police dogs searching for drugs, explosives, sniffer dogs, patrol dogs dual purpose, it is the right place. For several years we have been providing pre-Trained dogs for police departments, the armed forces around the world. Our German Shepherds, Malinois, Labradors come from countries in eastern Europe (Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Russia) We believe in the quality of our dogs and we believe in long-term cooperation with K9 trainers.